When a fire starts, every second counts. 

Tackling the fire as early as possible can not only save lives, but also rescue priceless valuables, limit damage, and prevent spreading to nearby buildings. By installing a FirePost (Brannpost), or a Mini Fire Station, one person can start extinguishing any fire without delay.

We specialise in these solutions for museums, wooden houses, churches, farms, etc.

The FirePost is an outdoor water hose that can easily be serviced by a single person if a fire should start. The FirePost can be connected to the mains water supply (in the ground). With a 50 metre hose and throw length up to 25 metres the FirePost has a good range and reach. And it’s also designed to allow the attachment of extra hoses for extended range and reach.

A complete FirePost includes:

  • Stand for mounting in the ground
  • 50 metre fire hose (38 mm diameter)
  • Unifire V12 waterjet
  • Fibre glass cover (grey, green or red)
  • Micro switch for connecting with an alarm system
  • Instruction manual



Se Brannposten i aksjon

Mini Fire Station

We also have solutions where there is no existing water supply. For these we produce containers with water tanks, a pump, and a 50 metre fire hose. Any container can be delivered with an extra fire hose and other fire protection equipment, to meet your own particular needs. The smallest container has a 6m3 water tank providing water for about 25 minutes.



Mounting of the fire post must be performed by a plumber or other authorized person. In addition to the supplied devices you need:

  • 1 ¼ water faucet (VULKAN)
  • Adjustable faucet spindle
  • Pipe from faucet to mounting leg
  • 38 mm nipple
  • Pipes for connecting to the existing waters supply



Our business – Bt- brannteknikk™

Bt-brannteknikk™ has over 40 years of experience in the fire protection industry. The company has been responsible for fire-proofing of many industrial buildings, museums, churches, wooden houses, etc. Amongst our most notable projects, Bt-brannteknikk™ has installed the sprinkler system at many of Norway’s famous stave churches; and for many years we have provided the Directorate for Cultural Heritage with fire solutions and consultancy. Indeed, the FirePost (Brannposten) was developed on behalf of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and is today installed in over 200 locations across Norway.

Examples of major installations and clients follow.


Examples of major installations and clients follow:


  • Norske folkemuseum, Bygdøy
  • Brekke museum, Skien
  • Hallingdal folkemuseum
  • Solvoren, Luster
  • Lærdalsøyri
  • Haugesund
  • Skudeneshavn
  • Stavanger

  • Sogndalstrand, Hauge i Dalane
  • Brekkestø ved Lillesand
  • Grimstad
  • Tvedestrand
  • Porsgrunn
  • Kongsvinger
  • Hurum


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